how to find the right size

Size chart

The choice of helmet must be based on its technical and performance characteristics, combined with comfort and design.

How to check for the right size: 

1. The first thing to do is to wear the helmet for a few minutes, to see if it fits well or if it causes pain in any particular place.
2. Once it has been put on, simulate movement to test its comfort.
3. The helmet, once secured, must be comfortable, but it should not move.
4. When fastened the strap and buckle must prevent movement of the neck.
5. Always check safety and comfort and choose the model you like best!

The size of the Crazy Safety and SKJOLD helmets corresponds to the circumference of your head! You can use a tape measure positioning it just above the ears, and taking note of the measurement in centimetres.

Every helmet has its own size, so make sure you check the size before buying.